Having already successfully completed her Trilogy of screenplays Anastasia Seis has now been asked to adapt the work into book form, to reach an even wider audience. She is continuing to work closely with a highly experienced U.S. based Editor who has praised her work (note: editors are renowned for being harsh, feedback such as this is something special).

"You are a solid writer...I really enjoyed your setting and characters"

"I think there is tons of potential here"

"There are so many successful books and movies that have been set in mental institutions (at least here in America), that you're in good company! Girl, Interrupted, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, and Shutter Island, just to name a few".

For Anastasia this work is proving to be one of the greatest loves of her life. She expects the three novels will be completed within the next 12 months.

Anastasia worked for over 10 years in the Australian film industry in various capacities and has spent the last 7 years successfully running a renovation business, bringing old and forgotten character homes and/or units back to life with creativity and substance.

Travel and discovering different cultures and people has always been important to her - she has lived in London and Paris and travelled the world extensively.

Of course she is still madly and deeply in love with her husband (and vice versa).

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